Fortnite Season 8 trailer

Guys Fortnite’s Season 8 cinematic trailer is out. I loved the background music and can’t wait to play. Go to EPIC games and check that link to play it for free. There are fires and flames to this Fortnite season and its islands, brought by now-powerful prisoner. The main battle in this season is for treasure and it will happen between Pirates and Ninjas– old characters in new enhanced avatars. I believe it will be a lot of fun to cross all the hurdles and get to the treasure as it pulls you towards itself. Play this with your buddy in 100 player PvP mode, my my on a giant map with a battle bus. As always the last one standing wins. Let us know what you think about the tier skins. Hey and wailing woods have got replaced by Volcano– this is what I noticed, don’t know if you did notice that too. This cinematic trailer video looks so real, thinking if Fortnite is going to start a TV series.

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